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ICU Solarcam

If you have a site that needs protecting, ask us for a no-obligation free quote to see how we can design the right ICU-Solarcam package for you.

ICU Solarcam is not the same as others; they have spent and continue to spend much time in developing the perfect guard for any site night or day.


ICU Solarcam Cloud-based operating system One-Touch is more advanced than anything on the market today. One-Touch continually monitors the system to keep the camera in optimum operation at all times. The self-monitoring using One-Touch software keeps the system in check. One-Touch will monitor the camera with a continued heard beat signal to ensure that it has a strong GSM signal strength, One-Touch has the ability to monitor current and future solar Ir-radiance, gathering this information from the internet helps to adjusts its power usage accordingly to keep optimum power levels in the battery cells.

Staff who monitor the alarms can see the cause with One-Touch pre-recording of all events, and this helps them to make a sound judgment on the action needed to take.

One-Touch continually records throughout the day and night, as an NVR (Network Video Recorder) and sends all alarm activation to the One-Touch cloud, also to the monitoring staff who view the video live.

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