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The Right Product

For Any Job


We have access to a large range of security camera solutions for any task, from Professionally installed equipment that requires an extremely high level of detail and accuracy to DIY cameras and portable solar solutions. Cameras can give you the security comfort you need when your home or away on holidays.

With any smart device, you can be easily notified of any intruder with push notification directly to your phone or just as easily log in using your smartphone to see what mischief your pets are up today or night.

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Security Alarm

The humble home alarm is much more advanced, think about it like this: when you install a home security system, it makes it less likely that someone will break into your home, and in effect, there's less of a chance that your insurer will have to cover your losses due to a home invasion.

Essentially, when you install home security, you are less of a risk for your insurer resulting in cheaper insurance always remember to inform your insurance company if you have a security system installed.

Most security systems achieve the same goal, some are more complex than others but our well-trained team will be able to walk you through the maze and help design the right system for your home or office.

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Video Intercom & Access Control

We have a large range of video Intercoms to suit any home or office from your basic door release to allow someone to come in, to IP intercoms were you can not only see but also talk to the person from anywhere around the world while the person at the door will think you are inside, this is also a deterrent if you are away from home.

Access control is widely used in Commercial situations to allow people to gain access without keys and only at certain times but more and more people are having the solution at home from opening the front or side gate or the garage door for delivery. We have a large range of options from keypads, card swipe, fingerprint, and proximity sensor now also facial recognition to gain access.

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Central Vacuum

Central vacuum systems offer many benefits - they promote healthy living, convenience, efficiency and more. The motor in your system is more powerful than the average vacuum cleaner, enabling it to remove all the allergens, dust and dirt from your home without you having to lift a finger.

With a central vacuum system, you can breathe easy knowing your home is always clean and healthy. Our high quality, Australian made units can easily be installed in your new or existing home.

Don’t put up with a racket when cleaning. Positioning the power unit in the garage will assist in eliminating noise throughout your home.

Pushing or carrying around a heavy vacuum cleaner will instantly become a thing of the past, as your quiet and efficient system does all the hard work for you.

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Home Networking with NBN

With most devices now relying on a strong network and internet speeds to operate efficiently it has never been more important now to have a well designed Home Network. 

Now with TV, Fridges and even washing machines all connected to your network, sometimes WIFI is just not enough, its always best to have a hardwire connection into your device to make sure you are always connected.

No matter how good or strong your WIFI is you will always have WIFI dropouts, with a hard-wired connection you will never have this problem.

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